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Kongresszentrum Zürich

Kongresszentrum Zürich
Kongresszentrum Zürich
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We thank the company monoplan AG for developing the first architectural visions and plan sketches.

Visualized project idea

An urban development highlight at the entrance to Zurich! The green spaces are ideal for cultural uses, neighborhood events and a transition to Platzspitzpark expands the recreation zone.

This is how the Zurich Congress Center could one day look. Here are some initial ideas. The GREEN around this park plays a big role.

Before, afterwards



Ideal location car parking lot

The Carparkplatz location not only offers the neighborhood population enormous added value: space for neighborhood events, open spaces and direct access to the Platzspitz. For congress visitors from all over the world, the old town, the lake, the train station and the airport can be reached at unrivaled distances.

This shows the entire area including green areas.

Possible room program

Concept space program congress center

© Monoplan AG

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